Laila Gozzi gives GYROKINESIS® private or duo classes ONLINE via zoom, skype or other platforms.
The client choses the day and the time of the class according to availabilities of the trainer.




- tryout 18 VAT included
- 1 private class 38 VAT included
- 5 private classes 180 VAT included (2 months valid)
- 10 private classes 360 VAT included (4 months valid)
- 1 duo class 58
- 5 duo classes 200 (2 months valid)
- 10 duo classes 398 (4 months valid)

payment via bank transfer


GYROKINESIS® classes consist in flowing movement sequences on chair, mat and standing.
GYROTONIC® classes consist in flowing movement sequences on machines crafted by the creator of this movement method.

“On my path I met special trainers who did help and guide me both in my professional and personal growth. They made possible big changes and improvements. Now my wish is to give the same to other people. When I started using this method I found in it an objective and high qualitative training: clarity and understanding of movement principles, coordination of movement breath and mental focus, healthier spine, increased range of motion and agility, greater joint stability, deep internal strength, harmonious stimulation of all body systems, a way to awake the full potential of the individual.
I started giving classes to actors and other kind of artists as a preparation before going on stage and as well to people whose profession or study was not at all related to movement practice. I do really like to share with people coming from different disciplines and movement languages. My intent is to personalise the class to meet the needs of the person.” Laila Gozzi


If you are pregnant or you recently had a baby you might feel the urgency to move in a safe and correct way.
You maybe want to be ready the day of delivery or wish to come back in shape once the baby is born.
The GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® methods are ideal both during and after pregnancy.

If you want to know more about the movement methods


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